Sanding Machines for Buffing

buffering and polishing machines for wood, metal and other materials.

Sanding Machines for Buffing (Suede Process)

†-Buffing is a very important process in metalworking and also for some finishing stages in wood furniture. As well as calibrating and sanding, buffing and polishing both display several different applications, accordingly with the work done and the work-piece being finished.

†Roughly speaking, buffing is meant to give metal or polished pieces a bright mirror-like surface. This is commonly used to enhance products such as cars, motorcycles, kitchenware and cookware, and also to make antiques more attractive (differently from wooden piecesí sanding which is a process that may ruin the characteristics of a vintage). However, buffing itís not only an aesthetical process. Several medical, pharmaceutical and dairy instruments are polished to prevent contamination, by eliminating any marks in the surface that impurities may gathered in. For this reason, buffing itís essential to maintain hygienic conditions and prevent rust in pipers and medical instruments.

†-Polishing by and large is a multistage process, with as many stages as the finish required by the piece. Sometimes a very abrasive polishing is used just to eliminate rust and make surfaces rougher to receive other treatments. In other cases, mops of several materials (cotton and sisal are some of the most common used) are used to remove surface defects, until the surface is thoroughly even. In buffing, coarse grits come employed first and then fine and finer grit come into play, until a cotton mop would give it a final polished, smooth and mirror-like surface. Although invisible to the naked eye, the buffing process works by forming very thin layers in the material surface, giving its final smooth finish.

†Ultimately, buffing employs very high speed, making the procedure more effective despite the high temperature generated in the surface. In spite of it, lubricants and cooling medium are commonly applied. Kerosene, diesel fuel and wax are the most common cooling mediums used during buffing.

†The process was formerly done manually, but today thanks to highly sophisticated computerized polishing machines, the buffing on complex pieces became as straightforward as accurate framework, sharing common-ground in several segments of the industry.

†-Electropolishing is another widespread procedure in some fields of industry. Itís a very complicated electrochemical polishing means that removes minute specks from the work-pieceís surface.

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