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Top Sanding Machines Exhibitions

 Exhibitions and trade shows are essential for the development of industry, particularly when it comes to a very specific business’ branch like woodworking and metal industry. During trade shows managers and woodworking experts would likely to gather together and trade off background and data so that they could bring themselves up to speed and catch up with the novelties and the latest developments in sanding, grinding and the likes. Next, we will see a lowdown on the crème de la crème of sanding machine exhibitions and machinery trade shows recently taken place or within the following months.

 - FIMAP / FERRALIA – International Woodworking Machines Fair / Exhibition of Auxiliary Equipment and Supplies for the Wood Industry: this traders’ only exhibition is one of the most important in Europe and its latest edition took place in Portugal. It offered a wide range of devices for woodwork and metal industry, from power tools to heavy machinery.
 - Woodmac China: putting together some of the leading names in the industry, Woodmac showcases from accessories and consumables to heavy gear and timber processing machinery.
 - Timber & Woodworking Show – Brisbane: The most remarkable point of this event in comparison to other trade shows is that it is specialized exclusively in woodworking material. With emphasis on woodworking devices, are the leading companies in sanding and polishing machines and profile cutting and forming always there.
 - Mid-Atlantic Industrial Woodworking Expo: Taking place in Florida, this exhibition is aimed to demonstrate the new achievements of this market and this industry, showcasing not only woodworking machinery but also software and computer system for woodworking production.
 - Metal Working & Machine Tools Exhibition: Taking place in the distant Jakarta, Indonesia, this exhibition focuses primarily on metal work’s heavy machinery as well as manufacturing parts for the IT, shipbuilding and electrical industries.

These are good examples of what you’d find in a woodworking or metalworking trade show. Thanks to the internet today, it’s easier to keep updated with the new technologies and also with the events regarding your business field. There are several websites which provide information about these upcoming events, by location, date or industry.

 It’s essential for a sanding machine manufacturer or any related company to keep updated to the latest technologies in such fields. An updated company may reach faster results and optimized final products.

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